The ClassroomIO Documentation

Launch your bootcamp quickly and affordably with ClassroomIO, the customizable online teaching platform.

This is the documentation for ClassroomIO, a platform to streamline training for everyone. Our all-in-one platform empowers bootcamps, educators, and businesses to manage training programs easily. Anyone can run multiple classes and cohorts all from one UI, the application is mobile-first, which means that students can access all published content from any device.

It covers everything from setup to usage. You'd find a well detailed explanation of the core features ClassroomIO offers and how to take advantage of them. Developers and Designers can find everything they need to successfully contribute to the project. For more practical usage, we've got a ton of guides ranging from simple functionalities to more complex ones. If there is something we don't cover in this documentation, please feel free to open an issue and we can pick it up from there.