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Meet a better collaboration tool for teachers and students. ClassroomIO is a no-code tool that allows you build and scale your own teaching platform with ease.


Advanced Course Management

ClassroomIO simplifies teaching tasks, boosts the educational experience, and is beneficial for both educators and students, providing a user-friendly platform for assessment, grading, attendance, and scorebook management.


Customization at its Core

ClassroomIO offers organizations the ability to tailor our LMS to their specific requirements. With our customizable features, you can create a personalized learning environment that aligns with your organization's goals


Your Knowledge Base

Our platform includes a forum-like feature where students and teachers can ask and answer questions, creating a collaborative learning environment. This fosters engagement and knowledge sharing among the community


AI Integration for Lesson Planning

Our platform integrates AI to simplify lesson outline generation, streamline lesson planning and spark creative ideas. With ClassroomIO, educators can focus on what matters most: teaching.

A Personalized Dashboard for Your Students

Once you create an account, you get a dedicated dashboard where your students can access all their courses, assignments, and more.

There is More...

ClassroomIO is packed with useful features while we try to make it easy to use.

Customizable Landing Page


For teams and individuals

Customizable LMS, AI integration for productive educators and many more...

Save 2 months


For personal use. Hobby plan is free for up to 5 courses forever, no credit card required.

$0 /mo

  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Conversations
  • 50 Students
  • AI Course Builder (no video upload)
  • Course Landing Page
  • Live chat & Live polls
  • 20 AI Prompts


Advanced features for small teaching businesses. Built for scale.

$15 /member

  • Everything in Free
  • 1000 Students
  • Advanced AI Course Builder (video upload)
  • Lesson/Course PDF Download
  • Certificates
  • 2000 AI Prompts
  • Remove ClassroomIO Branding
  • Email Support


Best suited for teams and larger businesses that need more control.

$50 /member

  • Everything in Pro
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited AI Prompts
  • White Labelling
  • Priority Support

Questions & Answers

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Who can benefit from ClassroomIO?

We built ClassroomIO from the ground up for Educators, meaning if you teach online or in a physical classroom you are good to go. It works best for Educators who already have students and want an efficient way to manage their learning experience.

Will I be able to set up ClassroomIO without technical skills?

Most definitely. You can use ClassroomIO as a no-code tool to build your own LMS platform. We provide an intuitive user interface and documentation to help you give your students the best learning experience.

How much customization can I do with ClassroomIO?

Things like theming, organization name, landing pages, content that your students see and many more customization options to come.

Is ClassroomIO suitable for a large number of students?

Absolutely. ClassroomIO is built for a large number of students in any course. You can have multiple courses with as many students as you need.

What kind of team plans does ClassroomIO offer?

ClassroomIO offers a Team plan designed to cater to organizations of any size. Depending on the plan you select, you can invite other teachers into your organization.

Can I try ClassroomIO before I buy it?

Definitely. We’ve got a generous free plan to help you get started with the platform. As your requirements grow, we’ve got other plans that can grow with you.

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Launch Your Online Bootcamp In Minutes
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